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Privacy Policy

The privacy of visitors to Melaka Food is important.

Personal information is not required to read the content presented here. Should comments be open, commenting on a particular article requires the voluntary submission of your name and email address and, optionally, a web site URL. Your email address will never be sold, licensed or disclosed to third parties without your consent other than by court order. By leaving a comment on this site you may receive emails related to that comment but no other emails will be sent without your further consent.

Visitor information is gathered via basic web logs and other tracking methods. The statistics gathered may include your IP Address, geographic location, browser type, operating system information, referrer and exit links and other such data. This information is used to provide statistical reports that can be used to improve this site and is not stored in a personally identifiable format.

Cookies and/or Web Beacons are used to maintain personal settings for this site and to facilitate tracking and advertisements. Some advertisements on this site may be provided by Google Adsense. They require publishers of their ads to inform visitors that these ads may use the DART cookie that permits them to serve ads based on your personal profile from visits to other sites and from your searches on Google. You may choose to opt out from the DART cookie by requesting this option at their site: Google ad and content
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. Other advertisers have their own privacy policies and you should refer to their sites for this information since they may be different and they are responsible for their policies.

Your continued use of this site indicates your acceptance to this privacy policy.

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